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Quantum interface between frequency-uncorrelated down-converted entanglement and atomic-ensemble quantum memory

  title={Quantum interface between frequency-uncorrelated down-converted entanglement and atomic-ensemble quantum memory},
  author={Xian-min Jin and Jian Yang and Han Zhang and Han-Ning Dai and Sheng-Jun Yang and Tianming Zhao and Jun Rui and Yu-ming He and Xiao Jiang and Fan Yang and Ge-Sheng Pan and Zhen-Sheng Yuan and Youjin Deng and Zeng-Bing Chen and Xiao-Hui Bao and Bo Zhao and Shuai Chen and Jian-Wei Pan},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
Photonic entanglement source and quantum memory are two basic building blocks of linear-optical quantum computation and long-distance quantum communication. In the past decades, intensive researches have been carried out, and remarkable progress, particularly based on the spontaneous parametric down-converted (SPDC) entanglement source and atomic ensembles, has been achieved. Currently, an important task towards scalable quantum information processing (QIP) is to efficiently write and read… Expand
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