Quantum-induced symmetry breaking explains infrared spectra of CH(5)(+) isotopologues.

  title={Quantum-induced symmetry breaking explains infrared spectra of CH(5)(+) isotopologues.},
  author={Sergei D Ivanov and Oskar Asvany and Alexander W. Witt and Edouard Hugo and Gerald Mathias and Britta Redlich and Dominik Marx and Stephan Schlemmer},
  journal={Nature chemistry},
  volume={2 4},
For decades, protonated methane, CH(5)(+), has provided new surprises and challenges for both experimentalists and theoreticians. This is because of the correlated large-amplitude motion of its five protons around the carbon nucleus, which leads to so-called hydrogen scrambling and causes a fluxional molecular structure. Here, the infrared spectra of all its H/D isotopologues have been measured using the 'Laser Induced Reactions' technique. Their shapes are found to be extremely dissimilar and… CONTINUE READING

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