Quantum-holographic Framework for Consciousness & Acupuncture : Psychosomatic-cognitive Implications

  title={Quantum-holographic Framework for Consciousness & Acupuncture : Psychosomatic-cognitive Implications},
  author={Dejan Rakovic},
The paradigm of quantum physics enables us to broaden our holistic worldview, and explain and include phenomena that have hitherto been ignored or denied, which can lead to profound change in any field and in our society at large. The aim of this paper is to present quantum-holographic framework for understanding consciousness and acupuncture system, with significant psychosomatic-cognitive implications. This is of special importance because of wider application of holistic medicine in… CONTINUE READING

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The focus of these quantum - holistic methods are body ’s acupuncture system and consciousness , which exhibit a structure of quantum - holographic Hopfield - like associative neural network , with memory attractors as a possible quantum - holographic informational basis of psychosomatic diseases , of special importance for quantumholistic psycho - somatics and quantum - informational medicine .
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