Quantum gravitational corrections to the entropy of a Reissner–Nordström black hole

  title={Quantum gravitational corrections to the entropy of a Reissner–Nordstr{\"o}m black hole},
  author={Ruben Campos Delgado},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
Starting from an effective action for quantum gravity, we calculate the quantum gravitational corrections to the Wald entropy of a four dimensional non-extremal Reissner–Nordström (RN) black hole in the limit of small electric charge, generalising a previous calculation carried out by Calmet and Kuipers (Phys Rev D 104(6):066012, 2021) for a Schwarzschild black hole. We show that, at second order in the Ricci curvature, the RN metric receives quantum corrections which shift the classical… 
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  • Donoghue
  • Physics
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