Quantum fluctuations and life

  title={Quantum fluctuations and life},
  author={P. Davies},
  booktitle={SPIE International Symposium on Fluctuations and Noise},
  • P. Davies
  • Published in
    SPIE International Symposium…
  • Physics, Engineering
There have been many claims that quantum mechanics plays a key role in the origin and/or operation of biological organisms, beyond merely providing the basis for the shapes and sizes of biological molecules and their chemical affinities. These range from Schroedinger's suggestion that quantum fluctuations produce mutations, to Hameroff and Penrose's conjecture that quantum coherence in microtubules is linked to consciousness. I review some of these claims in this paper, and discuss the serious… Expand
Quantum Wave Information of Life Revealed: An Algorithm for Electromagnetic Frequencies that Create Stability of Biological Order, With Implications for Brain Function and Consciousness
We propose a hypothesis of a mathematical algorithm for coherent quantum frequencies that create stability of biological order. The concept is based on an extensive literature survey, comprising 175Expand
A Possible Mechanism for Evading Temperature Quantum Decoherence in Living Matter by Feshbach Resonance
It is proposed that the transition from a non-living to a living cell could be mapped to a quantum transition to a coherent entanglement of condensates, like in a multigap BCS superconductor. Expand
The Extended Brain: Cyclic Information Flow in a Quantum Physical Realm
The central hypothesis of the present paper is that a versatile and rapid responding brain function requires complementary information processing mechanisms both at the iso-energetic and quantum levels, enabling bottom up and top down information processing. Expand
A new theory of the origin of cancer: quantum coherent entanglement, centrioles, mitosis, and differentiation.
It is proposed here that normal mirror-like mitosis is organized by quantum coherence and quantum entanglement among microtubule-based centrioles and mitotic spindles which ensure precise, complementary duplication of daughter cell genomes and recognition ofdaughter cell boundaries. Expand
Phonon Guided Biology. Architecture of Life and Conscious Perception Are Mediated by Toroidal Coupling of Phonon, Photon and Electron Information Fluxes at Discrete Eigenfrequencies.
Recently, a novel biological principle, revealing specific electromagnetic (EM) radiation frequencies that sustain life, was presented by us on the basis of an evaluation of 175 biological articlesExpand
The Universe as a Cyclic Organized Information System: John Wheeler's World Revisited
This essay highlights the scientific vision of John Archibald Wheeler, a giant of 20th century physics. His ideas provided the important insight that humanity may be in the very center of disclosureExpand
An introduction to a theory on the role of π-electrons of docosahexaenoic acid in brain function - The Quantum Brain
In Part I, we discuss the background to views on brain function and our thesis that it is conducted by π-electrons which perform sensory reception, memory, action, cognition and consciousness. OurExpand
Characteristic length of dynamical reduction models and decay of cosmological vacuum
Characteristic length of mass density resolution in dynamical reduction models is calculated utilizing energy conservation law and viable cosmological model with decreasing energy density of vacuumExpand
SETI: Assessing Imaginative Proposals
Supposedly one of the strengths of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) community “is its imaginative capacity to take seriously things that most people dismiss out of hand.” ThatExpand


Is there a biology of quantum information?
It is suggested that exchange interaction can also be viewed using ecological ideas related to apparatus-object to help develop the important notion of complementarity in biosystems in relation to the nature and generation of information at the microphysical scale. Expand
We dwell upon the physicist's conception of 'life' since Schrodinger and Wigner through to the modern-day language of living systems in the light of quantum information. We discuss some basicExpand
A quantum mechanical model of adaptive mutation.
The wave function describing the quantum state of the genome as being in a coherent linear superposition of states describing both the shifted and unshifted protons is considered and it is demonstrated that quantum coherence may be maintained for biological time-scales. Expand
The paper begins with a general introduction to the nature of human consciousness and outlines several different philosophical approaches. A critique of traditional reductionist and dualist positionsExpand
Universe as quantum computer
  • S. Lloyd
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Complex.
  • 1997
It is shown that the universe can be regarded as a giant quantum computer, and that the quantum computational model of the universe automatically gives rise to a mix of randomness and order, and to both simple and complex systems. Expand
The importance of quantum decoherence in brain processes
  • Max Tegmark
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 2000
It is argued that the degrees of freedom of the human brain that relate to cognitive processes should be thought of as a classical rather than quantum system, i.e., that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the current classical approach to neural network simulations. Expand
Environment-induced superselection rules
We show how the correlations of a quantum system with other quantum systems may cause one of its observables to behave in a classical manner. In particular, "reduction of the wave packet," postulatedExpand
Light and Life
THIS revision of the foundations of mechanics, A extending to the very question of what may be meant by a physical explanation, has not only been essential, however, for the elucidation of theExpand
Relativistic Invariance and Quantum Phenomena
The principal theme of this discourse is the great difference between the relation of special relativity and quantum theory on the one hand, and general relativity and quantum theory on the other.Expand
An Introduction to Quantum Game Theory
Quantum game theory is an important development in quantum c o putation, and has implications both for classical economic game theory and for quan tum mechanics. Unfortunately, the quantum mechanicalExpand