Quantum field theories on manifolds with curved boundaries: Scalar fields

  title={Quantum field theories on manifolds with curved boundaries: Scalar fields},
  author={David M. Mcavity and Hugh Osborn},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract A framework allowing for perturbative calculations to be carried out for quantum field theories with arbitrary smoothly curved boundaries is described. It is based on an expansion of the Green function for second-order differential operators valid in the neighbourhood of the boundary and which is obtained from a corresponding expansion of the associated heat kernel derived earlier for arbitrary mixed Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. The first few leading terms in the… 
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Quantum field theories become relevant to statistical physics for systems at or near their critical points. Under such circumstances physical observables obey simple scaling relations and the
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It is shown that the heat kernel operator for the Laplace operator on any covariantly constant curved background, i.e., in symmetric spaces, may be presented in the form of an averaging over the Lie
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The vacuum energy density (Casimir energy) corresponding to a massless scalar quantum field living in different universes (mainly no‐boundary ones), in several dimensions, is calculated. Hawking’s


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The asymptotic expansion of the heat kernel corresponding to e- tau Delta for a second-order symmetric elliptic differential operator Delta acting on vector fields over a manifold M with a boundary
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Abstract The quantum mechanical transition amplitudes between given string configurations can be obtained by integrating over all world-sheet geometries bounded by these configurations. In the case
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Abstract In a conformal field theory, correlation functions on any Riemann surface are in principle unambiguously defined by sewing together three-point functions on the sphere, provided that the
A DeWitt expansion of the heat kernel for manifolds with a boundary
The DeWitt (DW) expansion of the heat kernel GDelta (x, x'; tau ), for a second order elliptic differential operator Delta is extended to manifolds with a boundary. The boundary conditions are
Theory of Strings with Boundaries: Fluctuations, Topology, and Quantum Geometry
We discuss Polyakov's quantization of the string in the presence of a boundary allowing for an arbitrary topology for the world sheet. In addition to the dynamical conformal factor discovered by
Surface critical behavior in the presence of linear or cubic weak surface fields.
  • Diehl, Ciach
  • Physics, Medicine
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1991
It is proven beyond perturbation theory that a (redundant) surface operator exists that corresponds to a similar mixing in the leading even surface scaling field, and a fixed point with rv = iO(+c) is obtained, which describes the Yang-Lee edge singularities of an equivalent (d —1)dimensional bulk system with long-range interactions.