Quantum exchange interaction of spherically symmetric plasmoids

  title={Quantum exchange interaction of spherically symmetric plasmoids},
  author={Maxim Dvornikov},
  journal={Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics},
  • M. Dvornikov
  • Published 1 December 2011
  • Physics
  • Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Pairing of charged particles in a quantum plasmoid
We study a quantum spherically symmetric object which is based on radial plasma oscillations. Such a plasmoid is supposed to exist in a dense plasma containing electrons, ions and neutral particles.
Stable Langmuir solitons in plasma with diatomic ions
Abstract. We study stable axially and spherically symmetric spatial solitons in plasma with diatomic ions. The stability of a soliton against collapse is provided by the interaction of induced
Long-Lived Plasma Formations in the Atmosphere as an Alternative Energy Source
A model of a stable plasma formation, based on radial quantum oscillations of charged particles, is discussed. The given plasmoid is described with the help of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation. A
Stable spatial Langmuir solitons as a model of long-lived atmospheric plasma structures
I study stable spatial Langmuir solitons in plasma based on nonlinear radial oscillations of charged particles. I discuss two situations when a Langmuir soliton can be stable. In the former case the
Plasmoids for etching and deposition
In this manuscript we show fascinating properties of plasmoids, which are known to be self-sustained plasma entities, and can exist without being in contact with any power supply. Plasmoids are
An investigation of the generation and properties of laboratory-produced ball lightning
The experiments revealed that ball lightning is a self-confining quasi-neutral in a whole plasma system that rotates around its axis. Ball lightning has a structure of a spherical electric domain,
Micro‐plasmoids in self organized filamentary dielectric barrier discharges
A filamentary dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) is ignited on a silicon wafer under atmospheric pressure conditions in a mixture of argon and air (0.5/0.5) in two different modes, namely a
Modifications of aluminum film caused by micro-plasmoids and plasma spots in the effluent of an argon non-equilibrium plasma jet
A smooth layer of hard aluminium film is deposited onto a glass substrate with a multi-frequency CCP discharge and then treated in the effluent of a non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Silicon surface modifications produced by non-equilibrium He, Ne and Kr plasma jets
In this publication the interaction of non-equilibrium plasma jets (N-APPJs) with silicon surfaces is studied. The N-APPJs are operated with He, Ne and Kr gas flows under atmospheric pressure


Effective attraction between oscillating electrons in a plasmoid via acoustic wave exchange
  • M. Dvornikov
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2011
We consider the effective interaction between electrons owing to the exchange of virtual acoustic waves in a low-temperature plasma. Electrons are supposed to participate in rapid radial
Electron gas oscillations in plasma. Theory and applications
We analyze the obtained solutions of the non-linear Shroedinger equation for spherically and axially symmetrical electrons density oscillations in plasma. The conditions of the oscillations process
Colloquium : nonlinear collective interactions in quantum plasmas with degenerate electron fluids
The current understanding of some important nonlinear collective processes in quantum plasmas with degenerate electrons is presented. After reviewing the basic properties of quantum plasmas, model
On the Interaction of Electrons in Metals
The energy of interaction between free electrons in an electron gas is considered. The interaction energy of electrons with parallel spin is known to be that of the space charges plus the exchange
Quantum and classical dynamics of Langmuir wave packets.
  • F. Haas, P. Shukla
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2009
The quantum Zakharov system in three spatial dimensions and an associated Lagrangian description, as well as its basic conservation laws, are derived and the variational method is shown to preserve the essential conservation laws of the quantum modified vector NLS equation.
The Effect of Hot Plasmoid Generation in High-Current Vortex Discharge Under Atmospheric Conditions
Hot plasmoids which pass through 5-mm-thick glass and hot points which appear as a result of plasmoid collapse are discovered in high-current vortex discharge at atmospheric pressure. The sequence of
Introduction to solid state physics
Mathematical Introduction Acoustic Phonons Plasmons, Optical Phonons, and Polarization Waves Magnons Fermion Fields and the Hartree-Fock Approximation Many-body Techniques and the Electron Gas
Electrostatic and bubble nature of ball lightning
Ball lightnings are considered to be electrostatically bipolar charged shells of orderly oriented water molecules. The time of life of this model for ball lightnings of typical sizes is shown to
Cohesion in ball lightning
The phenomenon of ball lightning has been observed for a long time, but the nature of these luminous balls has been unknown. It is proposed here that they consist of highly excited Rydberg atoms with