Quantum electrodynamics in anisotropic and tilted Dirac photonic lattices

  title={Quantum electrodynamics in anisotropic and tilted Dirac photonic lattices},
  author={Jaime Redondo-Yuste and Mar{\'i}a Blanco de Paz and Paloma Arroyo Huidobro and Alejandro Gonz{\'a}lez-Tudela},
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One of the most striking predictions of quantum electrodynamics is that vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field can lead to spontaneous emission of atoms as well as photon-mediated interactions among them. Since these processes strongly depend on the nature of the photonic bath, a current burgeoning field is the study of their modification in the presence of photons with non-trivial energy dispersions, e.g. the ones confined in photonic crystals. A remarkable example is the case of… 


Quantum Optics with Giant Atoms—the First Five Years
In quantum optics, it is common to assume that atoms can be approximated as point-like compared to the wavelength of the light they interact with. However, recent advances in experiments with
The Theory of Open Quantum Systems
PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PART 1: PROBABILITY IN CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS 1. Classical probability theory and stochastic processes 2. Quantum Probability PART 2: DENSITY MATRIX THEORY 3.
Atom-photon interactions
This book of the physical phenomena resulting from the interactions between atoms and photons brings together and discusses different theoretical approaches which have up to now been dispersed in
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An abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions, and non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided.
Patients emphasised 'having more energy' when reporting improvements in their physical health following treatment and their desire to help other patients to receive treatment was connected to their experience of the services that they received and their perceived health outcomes.
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