Quantum effects on Higgs boson production and decay due to Majorana neutrinos

  title={Quantum effects on Higgs boson production and decay due to Majorana neutrinos},
  author={Bernd A. Kniehl and Apostolos Pilaftsis},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

Riding the Seesaw: What Higgsstrahlung May Reveal about Massive Neutrinos

We investigate if the projected high-precision measurements of the cross section of the Higgsstrahlung process e + e − → Zh at a future electron-positron collider can be utilised to indirectly probe

Neutrino mixing, interval matrices and singular values

We study the properties of singular values of mixing matrices embedded within an experimentally determined interval matrix. We argue that any physically admissible mixing matrix needs to have the



Radiatively induced neutrino masses and large Higgs-neutrino couplings in the Standard Model with Majorana fields

The Higgs sector of the Standard Model (SM) with one right-handed neutrino per family is systematically analyzed. In a model with intergenerational independent mixings between families, we can

Electroweak corrections to the fermionic decay width of the standard Higgs boson

AbstractThe partial decay width of the standard model Higgs particle into a general species of fermions $$H \to f\bar f$$ is given at the electroweak 1-loop level. The analytic formulae are

Electroweak symmetry breaking by fourth-generation condensates and the neutrino spectrum.

A dynamical generalization of the seesaw mechanism is proposed based upon the BCS theory in which a neutrino condensate gives rise to right-handed-neutrino Majorana masses and all associated spin-zero bosons are composite.

Universality-breaking effects in leptonic Z decays.

It is found that universality-breaking effects increase quadratically with the heavy Majorana neutrino mass and may be observed in the current experiments at the CERN [ital e][sup +][ital e[minus]] collider LEP.

Astrophysical and terrestrial constraints on singlet Majoron models.

  • Pilaftsis
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1994
The general Lagrangian containing the couplings of the Higgs scalars to Majorana neutrinos is presented and it is found that experimental searches for muon decays by Majoron emission cannot generally be precluded by astrophysical requirements.