Quantum dynamics in nonequilibrium strongly correlated environments

  title={Quantum dynamics in nonequilibrium strongly correlated environments},
  author={Matthew B. Hastings and Ivar Martin and D Mozyrsky},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We consider a biased quantum point contact between two Luttinger liquids measuring a quantum-mechanical system (oscillator). There are three main physical results. First, we find that for voltages higher than the oscillator level spacing, the effect of the measurement is equivalent to coupling to a heat bath, with an effective temperature that only depends on the device $I\ensuremath{-}V$ characteristic. Second, we find that this heating changes the $I\ensuremath{-}V$ characteristics on the… 
Nonequilibrium quantum dissipation in spin-fermion systems
Dissipative processes in nonequilibrium many-body systems are fundamentally different than their equilibrium counterparts. Such processes are of great importance for the understanding of relaxation
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Quantum-classical transition induced by electrical measurement.
A model of an electrical tunnel junction coupled to a mechanical system (oscillator) is studied to simulate the dephasing effect of measurement on a quantum system and it is found that the oscillator dynamics becomes damped, with the effective temperature determined by the voltage drop across the junction.
Tunneling and quantum noise in one-dimensional Luttinger liquids.
Non-equilibrium noise in the transmission current through barriers in 1-D Luttinger liquids and in the tunneling current between edges of fractional quantum Hall liquids is studied and it is shown that contributions from terms of order higher than the dipole-dipole interaction should only affect the strength of the $|\omega|$ singularity.
Coherent control of macroscopic quantum states in a single-Cooper-pair box
A nanometre-scale superconducting electrode connected to a reservoir via a Josephson junction constitutes an artificial two-level electronic system: a single-Cooper-pair box. The two levels consist
Transport in a one-channel Luttinger liquid.
It is shown that for repulsive electron interactions, the electrons are completely reflected by even the smallest scatterer, leading to a truly insulating weak link, in striking contrast to that for noninteracting electrons.
We consider the continuous measurement of a double quantum dot by a weakly coupled detector ~tunnel point contact nearby!. While the conventional approach describes the gradual system decoherence due
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We report the generation and observation of coherent temporal oscillations between the macroscopic quantum states of a Josephson tunnel junction by applying microwaves with frequencies close to the
Edge transport properties of the fractional quantum Hall states and weak-impurity scattering of a one-dimensional charge-density wave.
  • Wen
  • Physics
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1991
An exact mapping between two-dimensional quantum Hall systems and one-dimensional electron models is found and a narrow-band noise is found in the dc transport of the FQH states, which can be used to directly measure the fractional charge of the quasiparticles.