Quantum dot laser with 75 nm broad spectrum of emission.

  title={Quantum dot laser with 75 nm broad spectrum of emission.},
  author={A. R. Kovsh and Igor L Krestnikov and Daniil Livshits and S Mikhrin and J Weimert and Andrei Zhukov},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={32 7},
We report on a quantum dot laser having an emission spectrum as broad as 74.9 nm at 25 degrees C in the 1.2-1.28 wavelength interval with a total pulsed output power of 750 mW in single lateral mode regime and the average spectral power density of >10 mW/nm. A significant overlap and approximate equalization of the ground-state and the excited-state emission bands in the laser's spectrum is achieved by means of intentional inhomogeneous broadening of the quantum dot energy levels. 
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