Quantum detection efficiency of a microchannel plate image intensifier

  title={Quantum detection efficiency of a microchannel plate image intensifier},
  author={Robert G. Gould and Philip F. Judy and John C. Klopping and Bengt E. Bj{\"a}rngard},
Abstract The quantum detection efficiency (QDE) of a three stage microchannel plate (MCP) image intensifier was calculated for X-ray photons in the energy range used in diagnostic radiology, i.e. 10–150 keV. The device studied used an MCP, made from glass with high atomic number constituents, as the primary X-ray absorber and photon-to-electron converter. The calculation of the QDE was based on a dosimetric approach, utilizing Fano's theorem. The QDE is defined as the probability of detecting… CONTINUE READING


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