Quantum de Rham complex on 𝔸h1|2

  title={Quantum de Rham complex on 𝔸h1|2},
  author={Salih Celik},
  journal={Journal of Algebra and Its Applications},
  • S. Celik
  • Published 14 November 2018
  • Mathematics, Geology
  • Journal of Algebra and Its Applications
Introducing [Formula: see text]- and [Formula: see text]-deformations of [Formula: see text]-graded ([Formula: see text])- and ([Formula: see text])-spaces, denoted by [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text], a two-parameter differential calculus, the quantum de Rham complex, on [Formula: see text] are explicitly constructed. It is shown that in contrast to the standard [Formula: see text]-deformation of [Formula: see text], the above complex is unique for [Formula: see text]. The quantum… 
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  • S. Celik
  • Reports on Mathematical Physics
  • 2023



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