Quantum correlations are weaved by the spinors of the Euclidean primitives

  title={Quantum correlations are weaved by the spinors of the Euclidean primitives},
  author={Joy Christian},
  journal={Royal Society Open Science},
  • J. Christian
  • Published 1 May 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Royal Society Open Science
The exceptional Lie group E8 plays a prominent role in both mathematics and theoretical physics. It is the largest symmetry group associated with the most general possible normed division algebra, namely, that of the non-associative real octonions, which—thanks to their non-associativity—form the only possible closed set of spinors (or rotors) that can parallelize the 7-sphere. By contrast, here we show how a similar 7-sphere also arises naturally from the algebraic interplay of the graded… 

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