Quantum computation of discrete logarithms in semigroups

  title={Quantum computation of discrete logarithms in semigroups},
  author={Andrew M. Childs and G. Ivanyos},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Cryptology},
  pages={405 - 416}
  • Andrew M. Childs, G. Ivanyos
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
  • Journal of Mathematical Cryptology
  • Abstract We describe an efficient quantum algorithm for computing discrete logarithms in semigroups using Shor's algorithms for period finding and the discrete logarithm problem as subroutines. Thus proposed cryptosystems based on the presumed hardness of discrete logarithms in semigroups are insecure against quantum attacks. In contrast, we show that some generalizations of the discrete logarithm problem are hard in semigroups despite being easy in groups. We relate a shifted version of the… CONTINUE READING
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