Quantum computation, non-demolition measurements, and reflective control in living systems.

  title={Quantum computation, non-demolition measurements, and reflective control in living systems.},
  author={Abir U. Igamberdiev},
  journal={Bio Systems},
  volume={77 1-3},

The computation power of living systems is maintained by decoherence-free internal quantum states

The internal quantum state (IQS) is a kind of a pilot-wave (in the Bohmian sense) attached to a macroscopic system and representing its potential field continuously reduced during its exhibition to

Physical limits of computation and emergence of life

Nontrivial quantum and quantum-like effects in biosystems: Unsolved questions and paradoxes.

The quantum basis of spatiotemporality in perception and consciousness.

Anticipatory dynamics of biological systems: from molecular quantum states to evolution

It is discussed how the fundamental ideas of anticipation can be introduced into the basic foundations of theoretical biology.

Schrödinger’s microbe: implications of coercing a living organism into a coherent quantum mechanical state

If organisms can survive having previously been in a coherent state, then it is argued that living systems do not necessarily need to remain in a decoherent state at all times and would in essence represent a new category of cryptobiosis.

From quantum measurement to biology via retrocausality.

  • K. Matsuno
  • Biology
    Progress in biophysics and molecular biology
  • 2017

Quantum biology at the cellular level - Elements of the research program



Living Systems are Dynamically Stable by Computing Themselves at the Quantum Level

In this framework, enzymes are molecular automata of the extremal quantum computer, the set of which maintains stable highly ordered coherent state, and genome represents a concatenation of error-correcting codes into a single reflective set.


The paper begins with a general introduction to the nature of human consciousness and outlines several different philosophical approaches. A critique of traditional reductionist and dualist positions

Decoherence of quantum superpositions through coupling to engineered reservoirs

Decoherence is induced by coupling the atom to engineered reservoirs, in which the coupling and state of the environment are controllable, and the decoherence rate scales with the square of a quantity describing the amplitude of the superposition state.

Quantum and biological computation.

Robustness of Decoherence-Free Subspaces for Quantum Computation

It was shown recently [D.A. Lidar et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 2594 (1998)] that within the framework of the semigroup Markovian master equation, decoherence-free (DF) subspaces exist which are

Conscious Events as Orchestrated Space-Time Selections

What is consciousness? Some philosophers have contended that "qualia," or an experiential medium from which consciousness is derived, exists as a fundamental component of reality. Whitehead, for