Quantum cohomology of the Springer resolution

  title={Quantum cohomology of the Springer resolution},
  author={Alexander Braverman and Davesh Maulik and Andrei Okounkov},
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Cohomology of a flag variety as a Bethe algebra
We interpret the equivariant cohomology $H_{GL_n }^* $(ℱλ,ℂ) of a partial flag variety ℱλ parametrizing chains of subspaces 0 = F0 ⊂ F1 ⊂ … ⊂ FN = ℂn, dimFi/Fi−1 = λi, as the Bethe algebra of the
Equivariant quantum cohomology and the geometric Satake equivalence
Recent work on equivariant aspects of mirror symmetry has discovered relations between the equivariant quantum cohomology of symplectic resolutions and Casimir-type connections (among many other
Quantum Cohomology of Hypertoric Varieties and Geometric Representations of Yangians
This thesis compares two geometric constructions of a Yangian, due to Varagnolo and Nakajima on the one hand and Maulik and Okounkov on the other. It also, separately, computes the quantum cohomology
We review mirror symmetry for the quantum cohomology D-module of a compact weak-Fano toric manifold. We also discuss the relationship to the GKZ system, the Stanley-Reisner ring, the Mellin-Barnes
Seminar on Quantum Groups & Quantum Cohomology of Symplectic Varieties
More generally, the cohomology of X is determined by the cohomology of XT together with the restriction maps on cohomology, given that the cohomology is taken equivariantly with respect to the torus
Slodowy slices and universal Poisson deformations
Abstract We classify the nilpotent orbits in a simple Lie algebra for which the restriction of the adjoint quotient map to a Slodowy slice is the universal Poisson deformation of its central fibre.
Quantum K-theory of quiver varieties and many-body systems
We define quantum equivariant K-theory of Nakajima quiver varieties. We discuss type A in detail as well as its connections with quantum XXZ spin chains and trigonometric Ruijsenaars-Schneider
Intersection cohomology and quantum cohomology of conical symplectic resolutions
For any conical symplectic resolution, we give a conjecture relating the intersection cohomology of the singular cone to the quantum cohomology of its resolution. We prove this conjecture for
A mirror construction for the big equivariant quantum cohomology of toric manifolds
We identify a certain universal Landau–Ginzburg model as a mirror of the big equivariant quantum cohomology of a (not necessarily compact or semipositive) toric manifold. The mirror map and the
Hypergeometric solutions of the quantum differential equation of the cotangent bundle of a partial flag variety
We describe hypergeometric solutions of the quantum differential equation of the cotangent bundle of a $$\mathfrak{g}\mathfrak{l}_n$$ partial flag variety. These hypergeometric solutions manifest the


Equivariant quantum cohomology of homogeneous spaces.
We prove a Chevalley formula for the equivariant quantum multiplication of two Schubert classes in the homogeneous variety X=G/P. As in the case when X is a Grassmannian, studied by the author in a
A Mirror Symmetric Construction of Qh
Let G be a simple simply connected complex algebraic group. We give a Lie-theoretic construction of a conjectural mirror family associated to a general flag variety G/P, and show that it recovers the
Root Systems and the Quantum Cohomology of ADE resolutions
We compute the C*-equivariant quantum cohomology ring of Y, the minimal resolution of the DuVal singularity C^2/G where G is a finite subgroup of SU(2). The quantum product is expressed in terms of
We discuss relations of Vafa’s quantum cohomology with Floer’s homology theory, introduce equivariant quantum cohomology, formulate some conjectures about its general properties and, on the basis of
Quantum cohomology of flag manifolds and Toda lattices
We discuss relations of Vafa's quantum cohomology with Floer's homology theory, introduce equivariant quantum cohomology, formulate some conjectures about its general properties and, on the basis of
Quantum cohomology of the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane
We determine the ring structure of the equivariant quantum cohomology of the Hilbert scheme of points of ℂ2. The operator of quantum multiplication by the divisor class is a nonstationary deformation
A Kohno-Drinfeld theorem for quantum Weyl groups
Let g be a complex, simple Lie algebra and t a Cartan subalgebra of g. A new unitary, flat connection on t with values in any finite-dimensional g-module V and simple poles along the root hyperplanes
Quiver Varieties and Yangians
We prove a conjecture of Nakajima (for type A it was announced by Ginzburg and Vasserot) giving a geometric realization, via quiver varieties, of the Yangian of type ADE (and more in general of the
Cohomology of the Minimal Nilpotent Orbit
We compute the integral cohomology of the minimal nontrivial nilpotent orbit in a complex simple (or quasi-simple) Lie algebra. We find by a uniform approach that the middle cohomology group is