Quantum cloning and teleportation fidelity in the noncommutative phase-space

  title={Quantum cloning and teleportation fidelity in the noncommutative phase-space},
  author={P Leal and Alex E. Bernardini and Orfeu Bertolami},
  journal={Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical},
The formulation of the no-cloning theorem in the framework of phase-space noncommutative (NC) quantum mechanics (QM) is examined, and its implications for the computation of quantum cloning probabilities and teleportation fidelity are investigated through the Weyl–Wigner formulation of QM. The principles of QM re-edited in terms of a deformed Heisenberg–Weyl algebra are shown to provide a covariant formulation for the quantum fidelity, through which the results from the no-cloning theorem for… 
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