Quantum circuit complexity

  title={Quantum circuit complexity},
  author={A. Chi-Chih Yao},
  journal={Proceedings of 1993 IEEE 34th Annual Foundations of Computer Science},
  • A. Chi-Chih Yao
  • Published 1993
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 1993 IEEE 34th Annual Foundations of Computer Science
We propose a complexity model of quantum circuits analogous to the standard (acyclic) Boolean circuit model. It is shown that any function computable in polynomial time by a quantum Turing machine has a polynomial-size quantum circuit. This result also enables us to construct a universal quantum computer which can simulate, with a polynomial factor slowdown, a broader class of quantum machines than that considered by E. Bernstein and U. Vazirani (1993), thus answering an open question raised by… 

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