Quantum bits with polyacetylene.


The dynamics of a polyacetylene single chain as a system for possible physical implementations of quantum bits is determined. This novel proposition is studied by varying intensity and duration of application of an electric field as well as the intensity, number, and position in the polymer chain of impurity molecules. The behavior of soliton pairs, whose associated energy levels form the quantum bit, is analyzed. The chain is modeled by a modified Pariser-Parr-Pople Hamiltonian extended to include the effects of an external electric field and the parameters of the impurity molecules. The effect of the variation of the field and impurities on the separation of the energy levels associated with soliton pairs is analyzed by numerical integration of the equations of motion. Two different approaches for controlling the separation of levels are presented, and their features compared. First, the use of changes in the electric field to control the distance (and ultimately coupling) between two solitons moving freely on the chain or captured by the potential generated by the impurity molecules. Second, the change in the intensity of the impurities alone, with no application of an external field. We have found that the effect of the use of the field on the separation of levels is much smaller than the one obtained by changes in the parameters of the impurity molecules, which eventually led us to achieve quantum bit behavior in a polyacetylene chain. The influence of the field and impurity parameters in the energy levels is determined, as well as their role in the coupling of the two solitons on the chain. Critical values for distance between solitons, intensity of field, and impurities that determine whether a pair of solitons can work as a quantum bit are obtained.

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