Quantum ballistic simulation study of In<inf>0.7</inf>Ga<inf>0.3</inf>As/InAs/In<inf>0.7</inf>Ga<inf>0.3</inf>As Quantum Well MOSFET


In this work, quantum ballistic simulation study of a novel III-V In<sub>0.7</sub>Ga<sub>0.3</sub>As/InAs/In<sub>0.7</sub>Ga<sub>0.3</sub>As Quantum Well MOSFET is presented. To simulate the device in quantum ballistic regime, nonequilibrium Green's function formalism has been used. 2D Poisson and Schrodinger equations are solved in self-consistent manner taking into account 2D electrostatics and other quantum mechanical effects. Strong carrier confinement in the In<sub>0.7</sub>Ga<sub>0.3</sub>As/InAs/In<sub>0.7</sub>Ga<sub>0.3</sub>As quantum well allows the application of efficient mode space approach in quantum ballistic simulation. Simulation results for the QW device with 30 nm gate length are reported. At the same time, effect of gate length variation on the quantum ballistic characteristics is explored.

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