Quantum Theory of Solids

  title={Quantum Theory of Solids},
  author={Charles Kittel},
Mathematical Introduction. Acoustic Phonons. Plasmons, Optical Phonons, and Polarization Waves. Magnons. Fermion Fields and the Hartree--Forck Approximation. Many--Body Techniques and the Electron Gas. Polarons and the Electron--Phonon Interaction. Superconductivity. Bloch Funcations----General Properties. Brillouin Zones and Crystal Symmetry. Dynamics of Electronics in a Magnetic Field: de Hass--van Alphen Effect and Cyclotron Resonance. Magnetoresistance. Calculation of Energy Bands and Fermi… 
Electron-Phonon Interaction in Ring-Like Nanostructures
General expressions of the electron-phonon Hamiltonians in ring-like nanostructures are settled. A unified macroscopic continuum approach for the treatment of acoustical and optical phonon modes in
Theory of coherent phonon oscillations in nonpolar and polar semiconductors
A microscopic description of coherent phonon oscillations generated by femtosecond optical excitation in both polar and nonpolar semiconductors is presented. For nonpolar semiconductors such as Ge,
Phonon-assisted absorption of hypersound in a rectangular quantum wire
The mechanisms of the Landau-Rumer process and of the process of two-phonon decay of microwave phonons are considered for a rectangular quantum wire. For GaAs wires with a free surface and various
The electron-phonon interaction in quasi-two-dimensional semiconductor quantum-well structures
Approximate analytic expressions are obtained for the scattering rates and momentum-relaxation rates of an electron in a quasi-two-dimensional quantum well interacting with acoustic, optical and
Theory of light scattering from electronic excitations in solids
SummaryThe effect of the periodic potential and the residual Coulomb interaction on the inelastic scattering of light from pure electronic excitations in solids has been investigated by using the
Effect of electronic disorder on phonon-drag thermopower
Using the quantum-transport equation and Keldysh diagrammatic technique, we investigate the phonon-drag thermopower in a disordered conductor. We consider phonon drag of three-dimensional electrons,
The electron-phonon interaction from fundamental local gauge symmetries in solids
If spin-orbit effects are included, unusual couplings emerge between the strain field and the electronic spin current, leading to novel physics that may be relevant for spintronic applications.
Review on Raman scattering in semiconductor nanowires: I. theory
Abstract. Raman scattering is a nondestructive technique that is able to supply information on the crystal and electronic structures, strain, temperature, phonon–phonon, and electron–phonon