Quantum Theory of Fields

  title={Quantum Theory of Fields},
  author={Leopold Infeld},
  • L. Infeld
  • Published 1 December 1949
  • History
  • Nature
To say that this is the best book on the quantum theory of fields is no praise, since to my knowledge it is the only book on this subject. But it is a very good and most useful book. The original was written in German and appeared in 1942. This is a translation with some minor changes. A few remarks have been added, concerning meson theory and nuclear forces, also footnotes referring to modern work in this field, and finally an appendix on the symmetrization of the energy momentum tensor… 
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A quantum theory based on a Galois field where infinities cannot exist, the cosmological constant problem does not arise, and there can be no neutral elementary particles and the spin-statistics theorem can be treated simply as a requirement that standard quantum theory should be based on complex numbers.