Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure

  title={Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure},
  author={John Clarke . Slater and William F. Meggers},
Analytic 3d radial wave functions for the positive ions and atoms of the iron group elements
Hartree-Fock variational procedure was carried out for the iron group atoms in singly ionized and neutral states to optimize the 3d orbital in a two exponential form. For the inner orbitals a
Cauchy Problem for the Spatially Homogeneous Landau Equation with Shubin Class Initial Datum and Gelfand-Shilov Smoothing Effect
It is shown that the non linear Landau operators is almost linear, and the existence of weak solution for the Cauchy problem with the initial datum belonging to Shubin space of negative index is found which conatins the probability measures.
Semiclassical method for calculating the energetic values of helium, lithium and beryllium atoms
In previous papers we have presented a wave model for conservative bound systems resulted from the equivalency between the Schrödinger and wave equations. We proved that the normal curves of the
Theory of Cluster Magnetism
Magnetism is a major area in fundamental and applied research, a subject of main concern in human knowledge since the antiquity, which remains, even nowadays, quite elusive. The principal sources of
Optimal single-zeta description for the atoms Al through Xe
SummaryThe conventional single-zeta (SZ) approximation in Roothaan-Hartree-Fock calculations of atoms is based upon a single Slater-type function (STF)χnlm for the description of each occupied atomic
Shubin Regularity for the Radially Symmetric Spatially Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation with Debye-Yukawa Potential
In this work, we study the Cauchy problem for the radially symmetric spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation with Debye-Yukawa potential. We prove that this Cauchy problem enjoys the same smoothing
Testing spatial noncommutativity via magnetic hyperfine structure induced by fractional angular momentum of Rydberg system
An approach to solve the critical problem of testing quantum effects of spatial noncommutativity is proposed. Magnetic hyperfine structures in a Rydberg system induced by fractional angular momentum
Symmetry breaking of relativistic multiconfiguration methods in the nonrelativistic limit
The multiconfiguration Dirac–Fock method allows one to calculate the state of relativistic electrons in atoms or molecules. This method has been known for a long time to provide certain wrong
From Hartree–Fock and Heitler–London to chemical orbitals
For chemistry the theoretical representation of the forces connecting atoms in molecules was and is a central problem. The Atomic Orbital and the Molecular Orbital are basic building blocks in the
Combined Extended Rejoinder to "Extended Comment on "One-Range Addition Theorems for Coulomb Interaction Potential and Its Derivatives" by I. I. Guseinov (Chem. Phys., Vol. 309 (2005), pp. 209-213)"
This article is a thorough critique to the Weniger's comments made to our papers published in prestigious journals in the recent years. A detailed and critical examination of the arguments that led