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Quantum Theory , the Implicate Order and the Self

  title={Quantum Theory , the Implicate Order and the Self},
  author={Basil J. Hiley},
We present a general discussion of how quantum theory may help to bring about a deeper understanding of the mind/matter relationship. We then examine the particular features of Bohm’s ontological interpretation which makes this closer relationship possible. We show how these ideas can be extended to include more radical concepts that are needed to quantize the gravitational field. A consequence of all this is that the distinction between mind and matter is further eroded, opening up the… 



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IN a lecture on the quantum theory it might be thought fitting to commence with a clear explanation of the purpose, nature, and scope of the subject; but an attempt to answer briefly the question,

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A theory of psychophysical phenomena is proposed. It resolves simultaneously four basic problems of science, namely the problems of the connections between:(1) mind and matter,(2) quantum theory and

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Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On Mind and Matter

  • Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On Mind and Matter
  • 1992

Wholeness and the Implicate Order, Routledge, London

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  • 1951