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Quantum Spin Fragmentation in Kagome Ice Ho3Mg2Sb3O14

  title={Quantum Spin Fragmentation in Kagome Ice Ho3Mg2Sb3O14},
  author={Zhiling Dun and Xiaojian Bai and Joseph A. M. Paddison and Nicholas P. Butch and Clarina R. dela Cruz and Matthew B. Stone and Tao Hong and Martin Mourigal and Haidong Zhou},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
A promising route to realize entangled magnetic states combines geometrical frustration with quantum-tunneling effects. Spin-ice materials are canonical examples of frustration, and Ising spins in a transverse magnetic field are the simplest many-body model of quantum tunneling. Here, we show that the tripod kagome lattice material Ho3Mg2Sb3O14 unites an ice-like magnetic degeneracy with quantum-tunneling terms generated by an intrinsic splitting of the Ho3+ ground-state doublet, realizing a… 

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