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Quantum Properties of Solitons in $U(\phi)=\phi^2\ln^2(\phi^2)$ and $U(\phi)=\phi^2\cos^2(\phi^2)$ Models

  title={Quantum Properties of Solitons in \$U(\phi)=\phi^2\ln^2(\phi^2)\$ and \$U(\phi)=\phi^2\cos^2(\phi^2)\$ Models},
  author={Gabriel H. Flores and N. F. Svaiter},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
Recently we constructed two new $(1+1)$-dimensional scalar field theory models that posses solitonic solutions. They are the $U(\phi)=\phi^2\ln^2(\phi^2)$ and the $U(\phi)=\phi^2\cos^2(\phi^2)$ models . The first quantum corrections for these models are given by exactly solvable Schrodinger equations. In this paper we first examine the quantum meaning of the solitonic solutions and study the scattering of the mesons by the quantum soliton at order $\hbar$. Finally we give a finite expression…