Quantum Probes of Timelike Naked Singularities in -Dimensional Power-Law Spacetimes

  title={Quantum Probes of Timelike Naked Singularities in -Dimensional Power-Law Spacetimes},
  author={Ozay Gurtug and Mustafa Halilsoy and S. Habib Mazharimousavi},
  journal={Advances in High Energy Physics},
The formation of naked singularities in -dimensional power-law spacetimes in linear Einstein-Maxwell and Einstein-scalar theories sourced by azimuthally symmetric electric field and a self-interacting real scalar field, respectively, are considered in view of quantum mechanics. Quantum test fields obeying the Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations are used to probe the classical timelike naked singularities developed at . We show that when the classically singular spacetimes probed with scalar waves… 
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