Quantum Physics: A Functional Integral Point of View

  title={Quantum Physics: A Functional Integral Point of View},
  author={James Glimm and Arthur Jaffe},
This book is addressed to one problem and to three audiences. The problem is the mathematical structure of modem physics: statistical physics, quantum mechanics, and quantum fields. The unity of mathemati cal structure for problems of diverse origin in physics should be no surprise. For classical physics it is provided, for example, by a common mathematical formalism based on the wave equation and Laplace's equation. The unity transcends mathematical structure and encompasses basic phenomena as… 
Grand challenges in mathematical physics
It is no easy task to write in a few lines a comprehensible list of Grand Challenges in the Frontiers of Mathematical Physics. This is such an extensive discipline, comprising at the very least (and
A Euclidean formulation of relativistic quantum mechanics
In this paper we discuss a formulation of relativistic quantum mechanics that uses Euclidean Green functions or generating functionals as input. This formalism has a close relation to quantum field
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It is natural to consider a quantum system in the continuum limit of space-time configuration. Incorporating also, Einstein’s special relativity, leads to the quantum theory of fields.
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Mathematically rigorous quantum field theories with a nonlinear normal ordering of the Hamiltonian operator
Mathematically Rigorous Quantum Field Theories with a Nonlinear Normal Ordering of the Hamiltonian Operator Rachel Lash Maitra 2007 The ongoing quantization of the four fundamental forces of nature
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Renormalization from classical to quantum physics
The concept of renormalization was first introduced by Dirac to investigate the innite self energy of an electron classically. This radical theory was probably the first time when an infinity
Supmech: the Geometro-statistical Formalism Underlying Quantum Mechanics
As the first step in an approach to the solution of Hilbert's sixth problem, a general scheme of mechanics, called `supmech', is developed integrating noncommutative symplectic geometry and
Notes on Special Relativity and Quantum Fields
Quantum field theory (QFT) is a theory of relativistic fields for describing the properties of elementary particles and their interaction. Quantum fields enable to describe such physical phenomena as