Quantum Oscillator Noise Spectroscopy via Displaced Cat States.

  title={Quantum Oscillator Noise Spectroscopy via Displaced Cat States.},
  author={Alistair R. Milne and Cornelius Hempel and Lianhe Li and Claire L. Edmunds and Harry J. Slatyer and Harrison Ball and Michael R. Hush and Michael J. Biercuk},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 25},
Quantum harmonic oscillators are central to many modern quantum technologies. We introduce a method to determine the frequency noise spectrum of oscillator modes through coupling them to a qubit with continuously driven qubit-state-dependent displacements. We reconstruct the noise spectrum using a series of different drive phase and amplitude modulation patterns in conjunction with a data-fusion routine based on convex optimization. We apply the technique to the identification of intrinsic… Expand
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