Quantum Oscillations, Thermoelectric Coefficients, and the Fermi Surface of Semimetallic WTe2.

  title={Quantum Oscillations, Thermoelectric Coefficients, and the Fermi Surface of Semimetallic WTe2.},
  author={Zengwei Zhu and Xiao Lin and Juan Liu and Benoı̂t Fauqu{\'e} and Qian Tao and Chongli Yang and Youguo Shi and Kamran Behnia},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 17},
We present a study of angle-resolved quantum oscillations of electric and thermoelectric transport coefficients in semimetallic WTe2, which has the particularity of displaying a large B(2) magnetoresistance. The Fermi surface consists of two pairs of electronlike and holelike pockets of equal volumes in a "Russian doll" structure. The carrier density, Fermi energy, mobility, and the mean-free path of the system are quantified. An additional frequency is observed above a threshold field and… 

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