Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory

  title={Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory},
  author={Bipin R. Desai},
Students and instructors alike will find this organized and detailed approach to quantum mechanics ideal for a two-semester graduate course on the subject. This textbook covers, step-by-step, important topics in quantum mechanics, from traditional subjects like bound states, perturbation theory and scattering, to more current topics such as coherent states, quantum Hall effect, spontaneous symmetry breaking, superconductivity, and basic quantum electrodynamics with radiative corrections. The… 
The relationship between entanglement, energy and level degeneracy in two-electron systems
The entanglement properties of two-electron atomic systems have been the subject of considerable research activity in recent years. These studies are still somewhat fragmentary, focusing on numerical
Higgs and BCS Theory: A Dynamical Breaking of Symmetry
An introductory derivation of the abelian Higgs mechanism is presented. This mechanism is extended to the Standard Model electroweak symmetry group, SU(2)L U(1)Y , where it generates the boson and
Avoiding Negative Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics
As currently understood since its discovery, the bare Klein-Gordon theory consists of negative quantum probabilities which are considered to be physically meaningless if not outright obsolete.
Quantum entanglement in exactly soluble atomic models: the Moshinsky model with three electrons, and with two electrons in a uniform magnetic field
AbstractWe investigate the entanglement-related features of the eigenstates of two exactly soluble atomic models: a one-dimensional three-electron Moshinsky model, and a three-dimensional
The polarizability of a confined atomic system: an application of the Dalgarno–Lewis method
In this paper we give an application of the Dalgarno–Lewis method, the latter not usually taught in quantum mechanics courses. This is very unfortunate since this method allows one to bypass the sum
Third quantization of the electromagnetic field
electromagnetic field is already second quantized, this corresponds to an additional or third quantization. The third-quantization approach can be used to perform certain quantum optics calculations
3D Topological Kondo Insulators
Topological Kondo insulators (TKIs) are new type of symmetry-protected topological insulators, which develop through the interplay of strong correlations and spin-orbit interactions. In these
Isomorphism of Analytical Spectrum between Noncommutative Harmonic Oscillator and Landau Problem
M. N. Nazmi M. Rusli, Nurisya M. Shah, Hishamuddin Zainuddin, and Chan Kar Tim Laboratory of Computational Sciences and Mathematical Physics, Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), Universiti
On some consequences of the Laplacian’s singularity at the origin in spherical coordinates
In this article we address the singular behavior of the Laplace operator in spherical coordinates, which has been established in our earlier works. This singularity has many non-trivial consequences.
Majorana fermions in well aligned InSb-nanowires with superconducting and normal contacts
In this Master thesis I report results on a route to find Majorana fermions in indium antimonide nanowires in contact with a superconductor. Theoretically Majorana fermions appear in one-dimensional