Quantum Jarzynski Equality in Open Quantum Systems from the One-Time Measurement Scheme.

  title={Quantum Jarzynski Equality in Open Quantum Systems from the One-Time Measurement Scheme.},
  author={Akira Sone and Yi-Xiang Liu and Paola Cappellaro},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={125 6},
In open quantum systems, a clear distinction between work and heat is often challenging, and extending the quantum Jarzynski equality to systems evolving under general quantum channels beyond unitality remains an open problem in quantum thermodynamics. In this Letter, we introduce well-defined notions of guessed quantum heat and guessed quantum work, by exploiting the one-time measurement scheme, which only requires an initial energy measurement on the system alone. We derive a modified quantum… 
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Work is an important quantity in thermodynamics. In a closed quanutm system, the two-point energy measurements can be applied to measure the work but cannot be utilized in an open quantum system.
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Giulia Rubino,1, 2, ∗ Gonzalo Manzano,3, 4 Lee A. Rozema,1 Philip Walther,1, 5 Juan M. R. Parrondo,6 and Časlav Brukner1, 3, † University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics, Vienna Center for Quantum
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This letter casts the determination of the work distribution as a problem in statistical inference, which can be directly connected to experimental methods, as it is illustrated by considering a qubit subject to an avoided crossing work protocol.
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The classical ergotropy is defined, which quantifies how much work can be extracted from distributions that are inhomogeneous on the energy surfaces, which is provided by geometric quantum mechanics, for which the geometric relative entropy is defined.
Thermalization processes induced by quantum monitoring in multilevel systems.
The heat statistics of a multilevel N-dimensional quantum system monitored by a sequence of projective measurements are studied and it is shown that ITT is identified by the fixed point of a symmetric random matrix that models the stochastic process originated by the sequence of measurements.


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