Quantum Integrability of Certain Boundary Conditions

  title={Quantum Integrability of Certain Boundary Conditions},
  author={Marco Moriconi and A Martino},
We study the quantum integrability of the O(N) Nonlinear σ (nlσ) model and the O(N) Gross-Neveu (GN) model on the half-line. We show that the nlσ model is integrable with Neumann, Dirichlet and a mixed boundary condition and that the GN model is integrable if ψ a + | x=0 = ±ψ a − | x=0. We also comment on the boundary condition found by Corrigan and Sheng for the O(3) nlσ model. 1 Work done under partial support of the EC TMR Programme Integrability, non–perturbative effects and symmetry in… CONTINUE READING

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