Quantum Hair on Colliding Black Holes

  title={Quantum Hair on Colliding Black Holes},
  author={Lawrence Barr Crowell and Christian Corda},
Black hole (BH) collisions produce gravitational radiation which is generally thought, in a quantum limit, to be gravitons. The stretched horizon of a black hole contains quantum information, or a form of quantum hair, which is a coalescence of black holes participating in the generation of gravitons. This may be facilitated with a Bohr-like approach to black hole (BH) quantum physics with quasi-normal mode (QNM) approach to BH quantum mechanics. Quantum gravity and quantum hair on event… 
Stretched Horizon as a Quantum Gravity Beam Splitter
The disentanglement of a black hole with its Hawking radiation is a form of CNOT operation that demolishes entanglements. This mechanism is due to boundary condition set up on the stretched horizon
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Quasi-Normal Modes: The “Electrons” of Black Holes as “Gravitational Atoms”? Implications for the Black Hole Information Puzzle
Some recent important results on black hole (BH) quantum physics concerning the BH effective state and the natural correspondence between Hawking radiation and BH quasi-normal modes (QNMs) are
Hawking Radiation-Quasinormal Modes Correspondence for Large AdS Black Holes
It is well-known that the nonstrictly thermal character of the Hawking radiation spectrum generates a natural correspondence between Hawking radiation and black hole quasinormal modes. This main
Information in black hole radiation.
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If black hole formation evaporation can be described by an S matrix, information would be expected to come out in black hole radiation. An estimate shows that it may come out initially so slowly, or
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A bstractWe argue that the following three statements cannot all be true: (i) Hawking radiation is in a pure state, (ii) the information carried by the radiation is emitted from the region near the
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