Quantum Groups

  title={Quantum Groups},
  author={Nicolai Reshetikhin and Theo Johnson-Freyd},
This thesis consists of four papers. In the first paper we present methods and explicit formulas for describing simple weight modules over twisted generalized Weyl algebras. Under certain conditions we obtain a classification of a class of locally finite simple weight modules from simple modules over tensor products of noncommutative tori. As an application we describe simple weight modules over the quantized Weyl algebra of rank two. In the second paper we derive necessary and sufficient… 

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ABSTRACT In the previous papers1-2 we constructed an -dimensional Hopf algebra which is isomorphic to Drinfeld quantum double of Taft's Hopf algebra if and is a primitive nth root of unity, and
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Down-up algebras A = A(α, β, γ) were introduced by G. Benkart and T. Roby to better understand the structure of certain posets. In this paper, we prove that β 6= 0 is equivalent to A being right (or