Quantum Gravity: A Fluctuating Point of View

  title={Quantum Gravity: A Fluctuating Point of View},
  author={Jan M. Pawlowski and Manuel Reichert},
  booktitle={Frontiers in Physics},
In this contribution, we discuss the asymptotic safety scenario for quantum gravity with a functional renormalization group approach that disentangles dynamical metric fluctuations from the background metric. We review the state of the art in pure gravity and general gravity–matter systems. This includes the discussion of results on the existence and properties of the asymptotically safe ultraviolet fixed point, full ultraviolet-infrared trajectories with classical gravity in the infrared, and… 

Non-Perturbative Propagators in Quantum Gravity

We employ non-perturbative renormalisation group methods to compute the full momentum dependence of propagators in quantum gravity in general dimensions. We disentangle all different graviton and

Evidence for a novel shift-symmetric universality class from the functional renormalization group

Wetterich’s equation provides a powerful tool for investigating the existence and universal properties of renormalization group fixed points exhibiting quantum scale invariance. Motivated by recent

Renormalised spectral flows

We derive renormalised finite functional flow equations for quantum field theories in real and imaginary time that incorporate scale transformations of the renormalisation conditions, hence

Quantum Gravity in 30 Questions

Quantum gravity is the missing piece in our understanding of the fundamental interactions today. Given recent observational breakthroughs in gravity, providing a quantum theory for what lies beyond

Causality, unitarity and stability in quantum gravity: a non-perturbative perspective

Resumming quantum fluctuations at the level of the gravitational path integral is expected to result in non-local effective actions and thus in a non-trivial momentum dependence of the propagator.

Background Effective Action with Nonlinear Massive Gauge Fixing

We combine a recent construction of a BRST-invariant, nonlinear massive gauge fixing with the background field formalism. The resulting generating functional preserves background-field invariance as

Cartographing gravity-mediated scattering amplitudes: scalars and photons

The effective action includes all quantum corrections arising in a given quantum field theory. Thus it serves as a powerful generating functional from which quantum-corrected scattering amplitudes can

Safe essential scalar-tensor theories

: We discuss the renormalisation group flow of all essential couplings of quantum gravity coupled to a shift-symmetric scalar field at fourth order in the derivative expansion. We derive the global

Ultraviolet Finiteness or Asymptotic Safety in Higher Derivative Gravitational Theories

We present and discuss well known conditions for ultraviolet finiteness and asymptotic safety. The requirements for complete absence of ultraviolet divergences in quantum field theories and existence



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BRST in the exact renormalization group

We show, explicitly within perturbation theory, that the quantum master equation and the Wilsonian renormalization group flow equation can be combined such that for the continuum effective action,

Global Solutions

Critical Reflections on Asymptotically Safe Gravity

A critical reflection on the state of the art in the asymptotic safety program is provided, specifying and elaborating on open questions of both technical and conceptual nature and pointing out systematic pathways toward answering them.