Quantum Generations

  title={Quantum Generations},
  author={Helge Kragh},

The Quasi-History of Early Quantum Theory

While physics has a rather ahistoric teaching tradition, it is common to include at least anecdotal reference to historical events and actors. These brief remarks on the history are typically

Paul Feyerabend and the Dialectical Character of Quantum Mechanics: A Lesson in Philosophical Dadaism

  • R. Kent
  • Philosophy
    International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
  • 2022
ABSTRACT In 1966, Paul Feyerabend published a short essay on the relation between dialectical materialist philosophy and Niels Bohr’s quantum theory, in which he develops several provocative ideas

Intuition and discursive knowledge: Bachelard's criticism of Bergson

ABSTRACT In this paper, I discuss Gaston Bachelard’s criticism of Henri Bergson’s employment of intuition as the specific method of philosophy, and as a reliable means of acquiring knowledge. I

A Seat at the Table: Women and the Periodic System

How to Choose a Gauge? The Case of Hamiltonian Electromagnetism

We develop some ideas about gauge symmetry in the context of Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism in the Hamiltonian formalism. One great benefit of this formalism is that it pairs momentum and

Biography and Autobiography in the Making of a Genius: Richard P. Feynman

In 1965 the Nobel Foundation honored Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, Julian Schwinger, and Richard Feynman for their fundamental work in quantum electrodynamics and the consequences for the physics of elementary