Quantum Fields in Curved Space: Applications of renormalization techniques

  title={Quantum Fields in Curved Space: Applications of renormalization techniques},
  author={N. D. Birrell and Paul Davies},
Quantized Scalar Fields Under the Influence of Moving Mirrors and Anisotropic Curved Spacetime
MICHAEL R.R. GOOD: Quantized Scalar Fields Under the Influence of Moving Mirrors and Anisotropic Curved Spacetime. (Under the direction of Charles R. Evans and Paul R. Anderson.) This thesis develops
What Do Detectors Detect
By a detector, one has in mind a point particle with internal energy levels, which when set in motion on a generic trajectory can get excited due to its interaction with a quantum field. Detectors
Theory of superconductivity of gravitation and the dark matter enigma
In this article, the question of the nature of cold dark matter is approached from a new angle. By invoking the Cauchy problem of relativity it is shown how, under very precise astrophysical
Perturbative Quantum Gravity and Yang-Mills Theories in de Sitter Spacetime
This thesis consists of three parts. In the first part we review the quantization of Yang-Mills theories and perturbative quantum gravity in curved spacetime. In the second part we calculate the
P o S ( Q GP h ) 0 1 5 Extended Gravity : Theory and Phenomenology
Extended Theories of Gravity can be related to several quant um gravity approaches and unification schemes. They have recently attracted a lot of interest as alternative candidates to explain the
Casimir energy-momentum tensor for a quantized bulk scalar field in the geometry of two curved branes on Friedmann-Robertson-Walker background
In a previous work [S. Rahbardehghan and H. Pejhan, Phys. Lett. B 750, 627 (2015)], we considered a simple brane-world model: a single four-dimensional brane embedded in a five-dimensional de Sitter
Local Covariance, Renormalization Ambiguity, and Local Thermal Equilibrium in Cosmology
This article reviews some aspects of local covariance and of the ambiguities and anomalies involved in the definition of the stressenergy tensor of quantum field theory in curved spacetime. Then, a
Momentum of cosmological acoustic field
The acoustic spacetime corresponding to perturbed Friedman-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker universe inherit the space isometries from the original FLRW model, but essentially differs in dynamics. The scale
Possible Observation of Phase Transitions in Two-Nucleon Systems
A simple condition of deep cooling for observation of phase t ransitions in compressed fewnucleon systems was recently proposed. Here we have checked it using data obtained in the first physical
On the Removal of Infinities from Divergent Series
The consequences of adopting other definitions of the concepts of sum and convergence of a series are discussed in the light of historical and epistemological contexts. We show that some divergent