Quantum Field Theory: Beta functions in Yukawa theory (28, 51)

  title={Quantum Field Theory: Beta functions in Yukawa theory (28, 51)},
  author={Mark Allen Srednicki},
Exotic Decays of a Vector-liketop Partner at the LHC
An evaluation of how sensitive some ATLAS searches for new physics are to a new beyond standard model (BSM) vector-like quark (VLQ) and a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson (pNGB) scalar. This was done b
Aspects of Nucleation: Fluctuations, Nonuniform Order, and Curved Surfaces
Transitions between various states of matter occur everywhere and are integral in the processes that make life, as we know it, possible. Given such importance in everyday life, it makes sense that
Very long-lived Stop NLSP in MSSM scenarios with Gravitino LSP
We present the calculation of the stop ($\tilde{t}$) lifetime that results from its decay into gravitinos ($\tilde{\Psi}^{\mu}$) in the final state, namely $\tilde{t}\to \tilde{\Psi}^{\mu} + X$,
CP Violation in Σ0 decay
The non-trivial structure of the QCD vacuum gives rise to a P and CP violating term in the QCD Lagrangian. The fact that we do not see an observable CP violation in the strong interaction despite t
Massive Neutrinos: Phenomenological and Cosmological Consequences
In this thesis we will address three different phenomena related to neutrino physics: mass models, detection of the cosmic neutrino background and the neutrino background in Dark Matter searches,
Localised Systems in Relativistic Quantum Information
This thesis collects my own and collaborative work I have been involved with finding localised systems in quantum field theory that are be useful for quantum information. It draws from many well
To Alpha Centauri in a box and beyond: motion in Relativistic Quantum Information
In this work we mainly focus on two main aspects of interest within the field of Relativistic Quantum Information. We first expand on the current knowledge of the effects of relativity on
Effects of theta on the deuteron binding energy and the triple-alpha process
We study the effects that a nonzero strong-CP-violating parameter {theta} would have on the deuteron and diproton binding energies and on the triple-alpha process. Both these systems exhibit
Experimental application of QCD antennas
A serious problem in searches for new physics at the LHC is the rejection of QCD induced multijet events. In this thesis the formalism of QCD antenna variables based on the SPHEL approximation of QCD