Quantum Electrodynamics

  title={Quantum Electrodynamics},
  author={L. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz},
Circular dichroism of second harmonic generation response
Polarization-dependent photon spectroscopy (dichroism) of the second-harmonic generation (SHG) response is shown to reveal chiral and magnetic properties of a sample. Two dichroic signals are allowedExpand
Dynamics of positrons during relativistic electron runaway
Sufficiently strong electric fields in plasmas can accelerate charged particles to relativistic energies. In this paper we describe the dynamics of positrons accelerated in such electric fields, andExpand
Dirac theory as a relativistic quantum theory of a single electron, and its optical-mechanical analogy.
Dirac's equation with static external fields is considered as an equation of relativistic quantum theory, which describes the quantum dynamics of an electron in four-dimensional space-time. It isExpand
Fully QED/relativistic theory of light pressure on free electrons by isotropic radiation
A relativistic/QED theory of light pressure on electrons by an isotropic, in particular blackbody, radiation predicts thermalization rates of free electrons over the entire span of energies availableExpand
Dynamics of an electron spin in strong classical and quantized electromagnetic fields
The electron motion in the presence of a strong classical and quantized pulse of an electromagnetic field is studied with a special emphasis on the spin degree of freedom. It is shown that theExpand
1 30 4 . 76 72 v 1 [ he pph ] 2 9 A pr 2 01 3 Polarization operator for plane-wave background fields
We derive an alternative representation of the leading-order contribution to the polarization operator in strong-field QED with a plane-wave electromagnetic background field, which is manifestlyExpand
Angular momentum decomposition of chiral multiplets in front form
In this article we derive the unitary transformation that relates the $q\bar q$ chiral basis $\{R; I J^{PC} \}$ to the $\{I; ^{2S+1}L_J\}$-basis in a front-form framework. From the most generalExpand
Fermionic Fields with Mass Dimension One as Supersymmetric Extension of the O'Raifeartaigh Model
The objective of this thesis is to derive a supersymmetric Lagrangian for fermionic fields with mass dimension one and to discuss their coupling to the O’Raifeartaigh model which is the simplestExpand
The many vacua of gauged extended supergravities
A novel method is presented which employs advanced numerical techniques used in the engineering sciences to find and study the properties of nontrivial vacua of gauged extended supergravity models.Expand
Volkov Solution for Two Laser Beams and ITER
We find the solutions of the Dirac equation for two plane waves (laser beams) and we determine the modified Compton formula for the scattering of two photons on an electron. The practical meaning ofExpand