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Quantum Dynamics, Minkowski-Hilbert space, and A Quantum Stochastic Duhamel Principle

  title={Quantum Dynamics, Minkowski-Hilbert space, and A Quantum Stochastic Duhamel Principle},
  author={Matthew F. Brown},
In this paper we shall re-visit the well-known Schr\"odinger and Lindblad dynamics of quantum mechanics. However, these equations may be realized as the consequence of a more general, underlying dynamical process. In both cases we shall see that the evolution of a quantum state $P_\psi=\varrho(0)$ has the not so well-known pseudo-quadratic form $\partial_t\varrho(t)=\mathbf{V}^\star\varrho(t)\mathbf{V}$ where $\mathbf{V}$ is a vector operator in a complex Minkowski space and the pseudo-adjoint… 



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