Quantum Deformations of Einstein’s Relativistic Symmetries

  title={Quantum Deformations of Einstein’s Relativistic Symmetries},
  author={Jerzy Lukierski},
We shall outline two ways of introducing the modification of Einstein’s relativistic symmetries of special relativity theory — the Poincare symmetries. The most complete way of introducing the modifications is via the noncocommutative Hopf‐algebraic structure describing quantum symmetries. Two types of quantum relativistic symmetries are described, one with constant commutator of quantum Minkowski space coordinates (θμν‐deformation) and second with Lie‐algebraic structure of quantum space‐time… 

Aspects of noncommutativity in field theory, strings and membranes

We study certain aspects of noncommutativity in field theory, strings and membranes. We analyse the dynamics of an open membrane whose boundary is attached to p-branes. Noncommutative features of the

Triangular quasi-Hopf algebra structures on certain non-semisimple quantum groups

One way to obtain Quantized Universal Enveloping Algebras (QUEAs) of non-semisimple Lie algebras is by contracting QUEAs of semisimple Lie algebras. We prove that every contracted QUEA in a certain

M ar 2 00 8 DCPT-08 / 21 Covariant particle exchange for κ-deformed theories in 1 + 1 dimensions

We consider the exchange of identical scalar particles in theories with κdeformed Poincaré symmetry. We argue that, at least in 1+1 dimensions, the symmetric group SN can be realized on the space of

Deformation Quasi-Hopf Algebras of Non-semisimple Type from Cochain Twists

Given a symmetric decomposition $${\mathfrak g=\mathfrak h\oplus \mathfrak p}$$ of a semisimple Lie algebra $${\mathfrak g}$$, we define the notion of a $${\mathfrak p}$$-contractible quantized

On κ-deformation and triangular quasibialgebra structure

Deformed relativistic and nonrelativistic symmetries on canonical noncommutative spaces Rabin

We study the general deformed conformal-Poincaré (Galilean) symmetries consistent with relativistic (nonrelativistic) canonical noncommutative spaces. In either case we obtain deformed generators,



Phenomenology of doubly special relativity

Investigations of the possibility that some novel "quantum" properties of space–time might induce a Planck-scale modification of the energy/momentum dispersion relation focused at first on scenarios

Generalized kappa deformations and deformed relativistic scalar fields on noncommutative Minkowski space

We describe the generalized kappa-deformations of D=4 relativistic symmetries with finite masslike deformation parameter kappa and an arbitrary direction in kappa-deformed Minkowski space being

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We study a deformation of infinitesimal diffeomorphisms of a smooth manifold. The deformation is based on a general twist. This leads to a differential geometry on a noncommutative algebra of

String theory.

The current “standard model” of particle physics—which is nearly 25 years old, has much experimental evidence in its favor and is comprised of six quarks, six leptons, four forces, and the as yet unobserved Higgs boson—contains internal indications that it, too, may be just another step along the path toward uncovering the truly fundamental degrees of freedom.

String theory

Abstract For each n > 0, two alternative axiomatizations of the theory of strings over n alphabetic characters are presented. One class of axiomatizations derives from Tarski's system of the

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Lorentz-Invariant Interpretation of Noncommutative Space-Time - global version

The global version of the quantum symmetry defined by Chaichian et al (hep-th/0408069) is constructed.