Quantum Decoherence

  title={Quantum Decoherence},
  author={M. Schlosshauer},
Quantum decoherence plays a pivotal role in the dynamical description of the quantum-to-classical transition and is the main impediment to the realization of devices for quantum information processing. This paper gives an overview of the theory and experimental observation of the decoherence mechanism. We introduce the essential concepts and the mathematical formalism of decoherence, focusing on the picture of the decoherence process as a continuous monitoring of a quantum system by its… Expand
Decoherence from general relativity
It is of great interest to explore matter in nontrivial quantum arrangements, including Schrödinger cat-like states. Such states are sensitive to decoherence from their environment. Recently, in Ref.Expand
Protective measurement of open quantum systems
We study protective quantum measurements in the presence of an environment and decoherence. We consider the model of a protectively measured qubit that also interacts with a spin environment duringExpand
Low-decoherence quantum information transmittal scheme based on the single-particle various degrees of freedom entangled states
A new low-decoherence quantum information deferent scheme is proposed on the basis of the single-particle diverse degrees of freedom entangled states from dissimilar perspectives that can reduce amounts of noise interference in the information transmittal process from the origin by entanglement. Expand
On the Quantum Mechanical Measurement Process
The quantum mechanical measurement process is analyzed by means of an explicit generic model describing the interaction between object and measuring device. The solution of the Schrödinger equationExpand
Protective measurement of a qubit by a qubit probe
We study the protective measurement of a qubit by a second qubit acting as a probe. Consideration of this model is motivated by the possibility of its experimental implementation in multiqubitExpand
Critical Response of a Quantum van der Pol Oscillator.
This work modeling a quantum version of a driven van der Pol oscillator finds the classical response survives down to one excitation quantum, and the linear response is greatly enhanced by using a strong incoherent pump. Expand
Charge transfer in a DNA molecule within a simple model of an open quantum system
The quantum-mechanical model proposed earlier by Skourtis and Nitzan (J. of Chem. Phys. 119, (2003) 6271) to describe a charge transfer in a fragment of artificial DNA molecule has been numericallyExpand
Validating and controlling quantum enhancement against noise by the motion of a qubit
Experimental validation and control of quantum traits for an open quantum system are important for any quantum information purpose. We consider a traveling atom qubit as a quantum memory withExpand
Compiling single-qubit braiding gate for Fibonacci anyons topological quantum computation
It is illustrated how a topological qubit built with three Fibonacci anyons might be adopted to achieve leakage free braiding gate by exchanging the anyons composing it. Expand
Distribution of absorbed photons in the tunneling ionization process
A stochastic model, viewing ionization as a Markovian birth-death process, reproduces the main features of the calculated photon distributions in the regime of tunneling ionization. Expand


Decoherence and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
This is an introduction to decoherence with an emphasis on the foundational and conceptual aspects of the theory. It explores the extent to which decoherence suggests a solution to the measurementExpand
Environment-Induced Decoherence and the Transition from Quantum to Classical
We study dynamics of quantum open systems, paying special attention to these aspects of their evolution which are relevant to the transition from quantum to classical. We begin with a discussion ofExpand
Classical decoherence in a nanomechanical resonator
Decoherence is an essential mechanism that defines the boundary between classical and quantum behaviours, while imposing technological bounds for quantum devices. Little is known about quantumExpand
Decoherence of quantum superpositions through coupling to engineered reservoirs
Decoherence is induced by coupling the atom to engineered reservoirs, in which the coupling and state of the environment are controllable, and the decoherence rate scales with the square of a quantity describing the amplitude of the superposition state. Expand
Quantum Decoherence of Phonons in Bose-Einstein Condensates
We apply modern techniques from quantum optics and quantum information science to Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) in order to study, for the first time, the quantum decoherence of phonons ofExpand
Decoherence, einselection, and the quantum origins of the classical
as quantum engineering. In the past two decades it has become increasingly clear that many (perhaps all) of the symptoms of classicality can be induced in quantum systems by their environments. ThusExpand
Mechanisms of decoherence at low temperatures
Abstract We briefly review the oscillator and spin bath models of quantum environments, which can be used to describe the low-energy dynamics of open quantum systems. We then use them to discuss bothExpand
Decoherence of matter waves by thermal emission of radiation
Good quantitative agreement is found between the experimental observations and microscopic decoherence theory of matter wave interferometer experiments in which C70 molecules lose their quantum behaviour by thermal emission of radiation. Expand
A history of entanglement: Decoherence and the interpretation problem
Abstract This paper examines the interweaving of the history of quantum decoherence and the interpretation problem in quantum mechanics through the work of two physicists—H. Dieter Zeh and WojciechExpand
Decoherence, the measurement problem, and interpretations of quantum mechanics
Environment-induced decoherence and superselection have been a subject of intensive research over the past two decades, yet their implications for the foundational problems of quantum mechanics, mostExpand