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Quantum Crosstalk Robust Quantum Control

  title={Quantum Crosstalk Robust Quantum Control},
  author={Zeyuan Zhou and Ryan Sitler and Yasuo Oda and Kevin M. Schultz and Gregory Quiroz},
The prevalence of quantum crosstalk in current quantum devices poses challenges for achieving high-fidelity quantum logic operations and reliable quantum processing. Through quantum control theory, we develop an analytical condition for achieving crosstalk-robust single-qubit control of multi-qubit systems. We examine the effects of quantum crosstalk via a cumulant expansion and develop a condition to suppress the leading order contributions to the dynamics. The efficacy of the condition is… 



Simultaneous driving of semiconductor spin qubits at the fault-tolerant threshold

The promise of quantum information technology hinges on the ability to control large numbers of qubits with highfidelity. Quantum dots define a promising platform due to their compatibility with

Introduction to Quantum Control and Dynamics

QUANTUM MECHANICS States and Operators Observables and Measurement Dynamics of Quantum Systems MODELING OF QUANTUM CONTROL SYSTEMS: EXAMPLES Quantum Theory of Interaction of Particles and Fields

Non-Markovian memory in IBMQX4.

This work analyzes the temporal correlations in a sequence of gates by characterizing the performance of a gate conditioned on the gate that preceded it and discusses the potential for cleaner computation by adequately accounting the non-Markovian nature of the machine.

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The xishacorene natural products are structurally unique apolar diterpenoids that feature a bicyclo[3.3.1] framework. These secondary metabolites likely arise from the well-studied, structurally

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