Quantum Correlations, Separability, and Quantum Coherence Length in Equilibrium Many-Body Systems.

  title={Quantum Correlations, Separability, and Quantum Coherence Length in Equilibrium Many-Body Systems.},
  author={Daniele Malpetti and Tommaso Roscilde},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={117 13},
Nonlocality is a fundamental trait of quantum many-body systems, both at the level of pure states, as well as at the level of mixed states. Because of nonlocality, mixed states of any two subsystems are correlated in a stronger way than what can be accounted for by considering the correlated probabilities of occupying some microstates. In the case of equilibrium mixed states, we explicitly build two-point quantum correlation functions, which capture the specific, superior correlations of… 
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