Quantum Computing for the Quantum Curious

  title={Quantum Computing for the Quantum Curious},
  author={Ciaran Hughes and Joshua Isaacson and Anastasia Perry and Ranbel F. Sun and Jessica Turner},

Evaluating the Convergence of Tabu Enhanced Hybrid Quantum Optimization

The theoretical convergence of the proposed scheme from the viewpoint of the collisions in the object which stores the tabu states is addressed, based on the Ising model.

Designing a virtual reality programming environment for quantum computers

A virtual reality (VR)‐based teaching platform of quantum computer programming called QU‐VR Education Tool was designed by using Unity 3D VR and IBM's so‐called Quantum Composer platform and Microsoft Quantum Katas were taken as a reference.

Assessing the Needs of the Quantum Industry

Background: Quantum information science and technology (QIST) has progressed significantly in the last decade, such that it is no longer solely in the domain of research labs, but is now beginning to

Piloting a full-year, optics-based high school course on quantum computing

Quantum computing was once regarded as a mere theoretical possibility, but recent advances in engineering and materials science have brought practical quantum computers closer to reality. Currently,