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Quantum Computer Music: Foundations and Initial Experiments

  title={Quantum Computer Music: Foundations and Initial Experiments},
  author={Eduardo Reck Miranda and Suchitra T. Bask},
Quantum computing is a nascent technology, which is advancing rapidly. There is a long history of research into using computers for music. Nowadays computers are absolutely essential for the music economy. Thus, it is very likely that quantum computers will impact the music industry in time to come. This chapter lays the foundations of the new field of Quantum Computer Music. It begins with an introduction to algorithmic computer music and methods to program computers to generate music, such as… 


Quantum Computer: Hello, Music!
This article introduces a new field of research, which is referred to as Quantum Computer Music, aimed at the development of quantum computing tools and approaches to creating, performing, listening to and distributing music.
A random walk approach to quantum algorithms
  • V. Kendon
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2006
Surprisingly, the effect of making the walk slightly less than perfectly quantum can optimize the properties of the quantum walk for algorithmic applications, which forms the basis of a quantum speed up, which can be exploited to solve problems faster.
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An accessible introduction to an exciting new area in computation, explaining such topics as qubits, entanglement, and quantum teleportation for the general reader.Quantum computing is a beautiful
Computer Sound Synthesis in 1951: The Music of CSIRAC
The Australian-built ‘‘automatic computer’’ initially known as the CSIR Mk1, and later known as CSIRAC, was one of the world’s earliest storedprogram electronic digital computers (Williams 1997) and may have been the Ž rst computer to play music.
Quantum Computing A Gentle Introduction
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Quantum mechanics can speed up a range of search applications over unsorted data. For example, imagine a phone directory containing $N$ names arranged in completely random order. To find someone's
Composing Music with Computers
This book discusses music composition software on the CD-ROM, computer music: facing the facts, and a primer in Lisp programming.
Quantum random access memory.
An architecture that exponentially reduces the requirements for a memory call: O(logN) switches need be thrown instead of the N used in conventional RAM designs, which yields a more robust QRAM algorithm, as it in general requires entanglement among exponentially less gates, and leads to an exponential decrease in the power needed for addressing.
Serial Composition and Atonality
UP TO NO W, the few available books attempting to deal generally with atonal and twelve-tone music have consistently failed to reveal any awareness of the significant approaches recently developed to
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THIS modestly named volume is in fact a comprehensive treatise covering the whole subject of quantum mechanics. It summarizes the relevant basic discoveries of Planck, Compton, Einstein and Bohr in