Quantum Computation

  title={Quantum Computation},
  author={David P. DiVincenzo},
  pages={255 - 261}
If the bits of computers are someday scaled down to the size of individual atoms, quantum mechanical effects may profoundly change the nature of computation itself. The wave function of such a quantum computer could consist of a superposition of many computations carried out simultaneously; this kind of parallelism could be exploited to make some important computational problems, like the prime factoring of large integers, tractable. However, building such a quantum computer would place… 

A review on quantum information processing in cavities

The processing of information and computation is undergoing a paradigmatic shift since the realization of the enormous potential of quantum features to perform these tasks. Coupled cavity array is

Preparation of pseudo-pure states for NMR quantum computing with one ancillary qubit

Quantum state preparation plays an equally important role as quantum operations and measurements in quantum information processing. The previous methods for initialization require either an

Universal Control of Decoupled Quantum Systems

We show that if one can perform a restricted set of fast manipulations on a quantum system, one can implement a large class of dynamical evolutions by effectively removing or introducing selected

Electric circuits for universal quantum gates and quantum Fourier transformation

  • M. Ezawa
  • Physics
    Physical Review Research
  • 2020
Universal quantum computation may be realized based on quantum walk, by formulating it as a scattering problem on a graph. In this paper, we simulate quantum gates through electric circuits,

Quantum Entanglement

  • M. Lewenstein
  • Physics, Computer Science
    Do We Really Understand Quantum Mechanics?
  • 2019
A brief overview of the concept of entanglement in quantum mechanics is given, and the major results and open problems related to the recent scientific progress in this field are discussed.

Quantum Multiplexing

The concept of quantum multiplexing is introduced, which allows us to both minimize the number of photons needed in the entanglement distribution processing while at the same time enhancing the quality of the entangled pairs generated.

Quantum Computers Based on Cold Atoms$${}^{\mathbf{\#}}$$

A brief survey of present-day achievements in quantum informatics is presented. Advantages of quantum computers are shown by an example of simplest quantum algorithms. Application of ultracold atoms

Rydberg atoms and quantum information

We present a brief overview of the current state of the experimental research on the development of the element base of quantum computers with qubits based on single neutral atoms trapped in optical

Scheme for realizing quantum dense coding via entanglement swapping

Quantum dense coding is a protocol for transmitting two classical bits of information from a sender (Alice) to a remote receiver (Bob) by sending only one quantum bit (qubit). In this article, we

Quantum memory and manipulation based on erbium doped crystals

Quantum information is a rapidly emerging field aiming at combining two of the greatest advances in science and technology of the twentieth century, that is, quantum mechanics and information



Quantum Computers, Factoring, and Deco-33

  • ics of Information

Measurement of Conditional Phase ies in the Sciences of Complexity