Quantum Computation

  title={Quantum Computation},
  author={D. DiVincenzo},
  pages={255 - 261}
If the bits of computers are someday scaled down to the size of individual atoms, quantum mechanical effects may profoundly change the nature of computation itself. The wave function of such a quantum computer could consist of a superposition of many computations carried out simultaneously; this kind of parallelism could be exploited to make some important computational problems, like the prime factoring of large integers, tractable. However, building such a quantum computer would place… Expand
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Quantum Computers Based on Cold Atoms$${}^{\mathbf{\#}}$$
A brief survey of present-day achievements in quantum informatics is presented. Advantages of quantum computers are shown by an example of simplest quantum algorithms. Application of ultracold atomsExpand
Properties of Pancharatnam Phase and Entanglement of a Five-Level Atom Interacting with a Squeezed Field
We introduce a quantum scheme where a single five-level atom interacts with a single-mode cavity field by a time-dependent coupling. During the interaction, the temporal behavior of the quantumExpand
Entanglement generation between two solid-state qubits mediated by microwave photons
Abstract We consider a hybrid system of two interacting double quantum dots coupled to a single-mode microwave resonator, and it is demonstrated that the preparation of qubit–qubit entangled statesExpand
One-dimensional quantum walks with a position-dependent coin
We investigate the evolution of a discrete-time one-dimensional quantum walk driven by a position-dependent coin. The rotation angle which depends upon the position of a quantum particleExpand
Material platforms for defect qubits and single-photon emitters
Quantum technology has grown out of quantum information theory and now provides a valuable tool that researchers from numerous fields can add to their toolbox of research methods. To date, variousExpand
Spatial entanglement and state engineering via four-photon Hong–Ou–Mandel interference
The phenomenon of entanglement is the basis of quantum information and quantum communication processes. Entangled systems with a large number of photons are of great interest at present because theyExpand
Two-Qutrit Entangled f-Coherent States
Nonlinear coherent states or f -coherent states are one of the important class of quantum states of light attached to the f -deformed oscillators. They have been introduced in a pioneering work byExpand
Separability of evolving W state in a noise environment
Entanglement is an important resource for quantum information processing. We provide a new entanglement witness to detect the entanglement of an evolving W state. Our results show that the newExpand
Continuous-variable multipartite vibrational entanglement
A compact scheme for the preparation of macroscopic multipartite entanglement is proposed and analyzed. In this scheme the vibrational modes of a mechanical resonator constitute continuous variableExpand
Entanglement dynamics of two coupled spins interacting with an adjustable spin bath: effect of an exponential variable magnetic field
It has been shown that the entanglement distribution can be both amplified, stabilized and protected with a magnetic field of exponential function, and the dynamics of the reduced density matrix of two coupled spin qubits is obtained in both finite and infinite numbers of bath spins. Expand


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