Quantum Chessboards in Deuterium Wavepackets


We present a novel scheme for quantum manipulation in ultrafast diatomic molecules. A pump mechanism is used to create a coherent superposition of the D + 2 vibrations. A short, intense, control pulse is applied, after a fractional coherence time, to create selective interferences. A 'chessboard' pattern of states can be realised in which the set of even/odd numbered vibrational states can be annihilated. A technique is proposed for experimental realization and observation of this effect using 5fs pulses of λ = 790nm radiation, with intermediate intensities (∼ 5 × 10 13 W cm −2). We identify a new algorithm for vibrational control that is feasible with current experimental technology.

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@inproceedings{Calvert2008QuantumCI, title={Quantum Chessboards in Deuterium Wavepackets}, author={Christopher R Calvert and Tore Birkeland and Raymond B. King and Ian David Williams and James F. McCann}, year={2008} }